It's not just a story, it's a life story.....

The Iowa Caucus Project at the Rose Bowl. Thanks Tom Arnold for speaking with us!

How is the Iowa Caucus a "life story"? Well- I haven't lived in Iowa full time for over a decade, but I am extremely proud of where I come from. Every four years the discussion comes up, "why Iowa?" or "what is a caucus anyway?" This story will hopefully answer those questions and a few more, see below. 

The focus of this project is to highlight the history and process of the Iowa Caucus, helping both students and adults to better understand Iowa’s “First in the Nation” status. This video is less about personal political views (although interviewees are encouraged to share them) and more about the process and impact of the Iowa Caucus on the state and nation as a whole.

Process/protocols for how local caucus sites operate and run (the nuts and bolts of the process).
• History of the caucus (interviewees encouraged to tell favorite personal story, share pictures of experiences, etc.).
• Pro/Con discussion of effectiveness of caucus.
• Why Iowa should remain first?  What it means to the state? 
• Interviews with caucus goers, local political leaders, community political experts, etc. 
• Showcase the complexity of Iowa politics and highlight the great things about the state and community of Siouxland.