It's not just a story, it's a life story.....

Jonathan Owens

Oday Yousif

I am a student at San Diego State University studying Political Science and International Security. As a partner in A Life Story and a co-founder of the Baitna Project I love to share things that people think they don't want to hear about. As a child of immigrants and a first generation American, I have a point of view on things that many do not. My goals are to educate, inform, and present the unknown.

I believe everyone has a story to tell and my passion is helping people tell it. 

My life changed the first time I watched a person who had survived the Holocaust recount their life story on video. Even though I had never met the person, I felt a bond with them. That experience left me knowing I wanted to devote my energy to helping people share their life experiences.

No story is too small, no experience insignificant, everyone has a story to tell

My passion to tell people's life stories lead me to co-found the Baitna Project in 2015. The Baitna Project is an organization that collects and archives immigrant and refugee testimonies. In addition to this I am a veteran educator, broadcaster of college and high school sports in San Diego, voice actor, and reporter and producer for Spygame Studios 

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